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Nature Inspired Fall 2010

Nature Inspired Fall 2010
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Friday, September 17, 2010

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nature Inspired Fall 2010

Catz-Kato Designs

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Awesomeness of Custom Made Bridal Jewelry

If  I could turn the clock of my life back seven years to the day I married my wonderful husband, I would have accentuated my Wedding dress with this amazing vintage flowers handcrafted jewelry.  Although my dress did not quite call for a necklace, I would have chosen one that would have complimented this necklace and although I was not designing jewelry seven years ago but five years ago, I would have considered designing my very own jewelry line. 

Custom Made jewelry has a unique and special feel and look that only those that desire to have what no one else has, can appreciate it. The awesomeness of handcrafted jewelry is that not everyone will be found wearing it. Careful craftsmanship and quality time that is dedicated to one piece is what makes handcrafted jewelry unique. 

Part of feeling special on your wedding day is to sit with your designer and discuss your desires and how you envision your wedding jewelry to be and then to see it become a reality. Unless you are wearing diamonds that sparkle at your every move, custom made handcrafted jewelry has a special aura that is also noticed and appreciated by others.

Secondly, You have the option to choose which materials you would like to use to create your jewelry. For instance, I used Vintage White Flowers with a Brass Cabochon Pendant and Gold Filled Chain to design this piece.  The vintage flowers gives this necklace a pretty yet Victorian look. I added Ivory Freshwater pearls and Opal White Swarovski Crystals to add sparkle and shine. The greatest part of this piece is the affordable pricing for fine quality materials.  It all depends on how much material you choose to add to your design.

Whether you choose crystals, pearls or glass to create your custom design, your choices and preferences is what matters on your Special Day.

I say this to all New Brides, consider custom made jewelry that will outshine mass produced jewelry and can even be tweaked up a bit in the next years to come.

Good Luck and much happiness to you Lovely Bride

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